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Bevel Gearing.


nre machine-moulded by two half-patterns, and work smoothly if
well formed; being said to be stronger than ordinary teeth,
u-hich is doubtful.

(4.) Bevel Gearing connects shafts whose directions meet
.at any angle. Their ideal form is that of the frustra of cones,
.as A and B, Fig. 512, having a common vertex, as c. The pitch
-diameters are measured at d d


Two shafts A and B, Fig. 513, are to be connected so that
their revolutions shall be as 2:1. Assume any convenient
-diameter c 3> and draw c K and i> M |[ to A L. Taking E F  2 c D,
draw E H and FG f| to BL. Through G draw GH at right angles
to B L, and G K at right angles to AL : then join H, G, and K to L.